ENN Meeting in The Hague – 27 October 2017

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At the invitation of the Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie, the interlocutors of the European Notarial Network (ENN) met in The Hague for their second annual meeting. The President of the Dutch notariat, Mr Nick van Buitenen, greeted the participants and welcomed the fact that the meeting was being held in the context of the European Day of Justice.

The development of new tools for European notaries was on the agenda: factsheets on the European regulation on the circulation of public documents, a checklist of documents to be produced when purchasing real estate and the implementation of a videoconferencing system on the ENN’s online platform. This system will allow a notary connected to the platform to talk to another notary using the system via interposed cameras.

In addition, the ENN is also working on updating the information available on the Couples in Europe website (www.couples-europe.eu) and on the creation of a new website on the probative value of authentic instruments used in cross-border proceedings within the EU. This new website should be accessible to the general public in early 2018.

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