MEDIATION 2017-2018

Mediation for Notaries
Notaries for Mediation

MEDIATION <b>2017-2018</b>

Notaries of Europe - Mediation Programme

With the European Commission’s support, the CNUE is working to create a common framework for the practice of notarial mediation in Europe. The Commission is providing financial assistance for the implementation of the programme “Mediation for Notaries - Notaries for Mediation”, which will run throughout 2018.

The programme includes five workshops in five different countries and a closing conference in Brussels. These workshops will provide a better understanding of the practice of mediation at national level, particularly in cross-border cases.

These workshops will form the basis of a common guide for the practice of notarial mediation at European level. They will also make it possible to create a network of notary-mediators and to envisage in the future the provision of practical tools for them.


Practical Guide to Cross-Border Notarial Mediation

Past events

  • Workshop I - 15 Jan. 2018 - Madrid, Country

  • Workshop II - 23 Feb. 2018 - Paris, Country

  • Workshop III - 8 Mar. 2018 - Ljubljana, Country

  • Workshop IV - 16 Mar. 2018 - Rome, Country

  • Workshop V - 19 Mar. 2018 - Brussels, Country