Publication of the CNUE’s Annual Report for 2017

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The CNUE’s Annual Report for 2017 is available online:

For the first time, it is also available in digital format:

The report provides a detailed account of the CNUE’s activities over the past year:
- The flagship event of 2017 for the European notariat was the 4th Notaries of Europe Congress which took place in Santiago de Compostela in October. The congress brought together more than 700 participants on topics relating to consumer protection in the digital environment and the transfer of companies’ headquarters in the European Union. 
- The “Europe for Notaries – Notaries for Europe” training programme for the 2015-2017 period ended in February. With the European Union’s support, the CNUE organised a series of 12 seminars in 12 Member States with the central theme of applying the European Regulation on international successions. Some 1,350 notaries benefited from this training.
- The CNUE also initiated new actions to create a common framework for the practice of notarial mediation in Europe, with financial support from the European Commission.

The European Commission was particularly active on a policy level: the directive on digital contracts and the supply of digital content, the creation of a digital portal for administrative procedures, perspectives for digitalisation of activities in company law, etc.

More specifically:
- The CNUE intensified its relations with the Council of Europe and, more specifically, with the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ). The two institutions worked together to prepare a report on the efficiency of the notarial profession, explaining how it works in the various European countries and illustrating it with examples of national good practice.
- The CNUE followed closely the entry into force of the 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive and the ongoing negotiations on its revision.
- Lastly, the CNUE is preparing for when the two regulations on matrimonial property regimes and the property consequences of registered partnerships become applicable in early 2019.

There were also significant developments in relations with European notariats. Since 2017, the CNUE has had two new observer members in its ranks: the Serbian and Macedonian notariats.