Training Seminar - 06/10/2020

Europe for Notaries, Notaries for Europe

Training Seminar - 06/10/2020

Webinar - Anti-Money Laundering - 6 October 2020


This webinar is organised within the framework of the 2018-2020 training program "Europe for Notaries - Notaries for Europe", set up by the Notaries of Europe with the support of the European Union. It is part of an inter-professional approach around the theme of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

The contributions will be structured around two panels:

Panel I - Identification of the economic right holder in legal persons – challenges and prospects

Panel II - What do the competent authorities of the obligated entities expect? Gaps and ways to improve collaboration


The complexity and sophistication of the European Union’s financial system has opened the door to new risks of money laundering and terrorist financing. While recent money laundering scandals have created a sense of urgency to act, the European Commission is determined to put in place a comprehensive and future-proof framework that will strengthen the EU’s role as a global leader in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. With this in mind, the European Commission published a package of initiatives on 7 May 2020, one of the objectives of which will be to contribute to better cooperation between the authorities and bodies concerned.


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Interpretation will be available in FR and EN.


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• Clara BORG BONACI, Manager “Guidance and Outreach”, Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, Malta

• Theo BYL, Investigative Judge, Mechelen (Belgium)

• Silvina CAPELLO, External Expert on Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, UINL

• Christine CLOQUET, Vice-President, Accountancy Europe

• Angela FOYLE, Chair, Anti-Money Laundering Working Party, Accountancy Europe

• Ignacio GOMÁ LANZÓN, Chair, « Anti-Money Laundering » Working Group, CNUE

Roger KAISER, Senior Policy Adviser, Tax & Compliance, EBF

• Rupert MANHART,  Chair, CCBE “Anti-Money Laundering” Committee, CCBE

• Raluca PRUNĂ, Head of Unit, Financial Crime, DG FISMA, European Commission

Stéphanie SIROT, Civil Law Notary in Paris (France)

• Tom VANAUTRYVE, Product Portofolio Manager, Fednot

• Marc WILMUS, Chair, « Training » Steering Committee, CNUE

• Alexander WINKLER, Civil Law Notary in Vienna (Austria)