A new European grant for the ENRWA

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On 16 July 2019, the ENRWA obtained co-funding from the European Commission to implement the RERT’Improv project, which aims to optimise the interconnection of registers of wills and ECSs through two actions. The first will be to increase the performance of the IT platform, by improving the precision and quality of the information exchanged. The second aims to increase the network’s visibility by communicating effectively with notaries. This two-year project, in which the Association pour le Développement du Service Notarial (“Association for the Development of Notarial Services”) in France is a partner, should increase the number of enquiries, as well as the number of cases in which a will is found or the certainty of the absence of a will.

In addition, targeted communication actions will be carried out in cooperation with the notariats that so wish in order to promote the search for wills and ECSs in foreign registers. For more information on the project, please do not hesitate to contact the ENRWA: ca@arert.eu.