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European Day of Justice

Launch of “Europe Enacted” Website


On the occasion of the European Day of Justice, the Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE) unveils today the content of the travelling exhibition “Europe Enacted” via the website:

The exhibition highlights notarial acts of great historical value, preserved in the national archives of 17 Member States of the European Union. From a period ranging from the 13th to the 20th century, the fifty or so acts presented reflect the richness of European heritage. Visitors can consult the pages of these acts, as well as detailed explanations in English, French and the language of the country concerned. The “Europe Enacted” exhibition will be at the Brussels headquarters of the European Parliament from 11 to 15 November 2019.

Mr Pierre-Luc Vogel, President of the CNUE, states: “What do the will of Queen Isabel la Católica, the award of the "George’s Cross" to the Maltese nation and the renunciation document signed by Archduchess Marie-Antoinette on the crowns belonging to the House of Austria have in common? The notarial act. The “Europe Enacted” underlines that law is an intrinsic part of our European culture and notaries have been a key element of it for several centuries. Notaries are part of our daily lives and are involved, whether or not we are historical figures, in the most important moments of our lives: marriage, buying a property, setting up a business, settling a succession, etc.. The performance of their mission follows cultural, societal, economic and technological developments with electronic authentic instruments, electronic signatures and registers, as well as online services. It is all this past, present and future history that we wish to illustrate through this exhibition”.

The CNUE in brief:

The Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE) is an official body representing the notarial profession in dealings with the European institutions. The CNUE includes 22 notarial organisations in the European Union, representing over 40,000 notaries and 200,000 staff.

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