Opening Ceremony of the Europe Enacted Exhibition, 13 November 2019

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On Wednesday 13 November, the CNUE held an opening ceremony of the Europe Enacted exhibition currently being held at the European Parliament in the presence of representatives of the 22 notariats of the European Union, the European institutions and the Member States.

The travelling exhibition “Europe Enacted” aims to highlight notarial acts of major historical value, preserved in the national archives. From the 13th to the 20th century, these acts reflect the richness of Europe’s heritage. The exhibition also presents the digital tools created by notariats to provide a modern and efficient service for their clients and the States.
MEP Angelika Niebler (EPP, Germany), patron of the exhibition, opened the ceremony alongside Jens Bormann, President of the German notariat, Thierry Thomas, exhibition curator, and Pierre-Luc Vogel, President of the CNUE.

On this occasion, Mr Vogel announced the winners of the first CNUE Innovation Prizes. Prizes were awarded to the European notariats’ most innovative projects. The following received an award:
- Special Prize of the Presidency: the German and Austrian notariats for their online company creation systems.
- Prize for Administrative Services: the Hungarian notariat for the implementation of an online payment order procedure
- Client Relations prize: the Belgian notariat for the implementation of “Biddit”, the online platform for real estate auctions
- Notary Services prize: the Italian notariat for its “NotaioSmart” project, a system for creating intelligent contracts
- Special Prize of the Jury: the Maltese notariat for its “Notarypedia” project, which aims to make the knowledge space available in the national archives more easily accessible and searchable by researchers and the general public

Pierre-Luc Vogel said: “With the Europe Enacted exhibition, our aim is not only to highlight our cultural and historical heritage. We also want to demonstrate our ability to look to the future by embracing technology. Our history does not exempt us from the need to evolve. Quite the contrary, it creates strong obligations for us with regard to our clients’ expectations (...). This is why we have organised the first edition of the CNUE Innovation Prizes, which reward the most advanced notariats in the technological field.”
Angelika Niebler said: “In an increasingly connected and digitalised world, reliability and trust are essential assets and, therefore, I am convinced that notaries will retain their unique status if they are open to new technologies and ready to adapt their daily activities".