12th Congress of the Spanish Notariat - Malaga, 7-8 May 2020

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On 7 and 8 May 2020, Malaga will host the 12th Congress of the Spanish Notariat on the theme "Our ageing society: the main challenge of the century", organised by the General Council of the Spanish Notariat. More than four hundred people are expected to attend, representing all spheres of civil society, particularly the world of law.

The conferences and round tables will bring together experts from different fields (health, politics, economics, academia, sociology and law) to discuss an issue that concerns us all.

The importance of the subject is such that, for the first time in the history of the Spanish notarial profession, the congress will be open to institutions and professionals from civil society who can and must contribute their reflections on what will be one of the most decisive phenomena of this century.

The agenda focuses on three issues: "respect for dignity versus protection of vulnerability"; "living to a hundred: personal planning" and "living to a hundred: social and political planning".

Although there are many forums devoted to the analysis of this topic from different angles, what they all lack is the legal guidance that is essential to properly integrate these issues and enable their implementation in practice, while fully respecting the dignity and freedom of the person.

The Spanish notarial profession is ideally placed to assume the responsibility of promoting an open congress to address the subject, with the aim of meeting this very need. Notaries are the guarantors of the autonomy and civil liberty of individuals in the most decisive aspects of their private life, both personal and economic. But they are also the ideal witness to the internal history of our society and the first to detect many new needs and situations of vulnerability.