CNUE - Organisation

The CNUE has been in existence since 1993. Since then it has had a permanent office in Brussels. The implementation of the Single Market and the adoption of the Maastricht Treaty made the notariat's presence essential at the heart of the European capital.

The number of staff working at the CNUE office has grown with the continual increase in its activities and now comprises six people of different nationalities. The team currently consists of a Secretary General, two legal advisers who share the legal subjects, a management assistant, a translator and a communications officer.

The CNUE office is responsible for following EC law and for the CNUE's daily management. It informs and advises its members and maintains contacts with the European institutions. It also manages all meetings, General Assemblies, Executive Councils and working groups, made up of notaries from across Europe.

The CNUE is composed of the following bodies:


  • Representative, spokesperson, initiative and organisational tasks.

General Assembly

  • Made up of the Presidents of the member notariats.
  • Political decision-making organ of the CNUE.
  • Adopts political and legal positions for the attention of the European institutions.


  • Made up of the President of the CNUE + Vice-president + 5 advisers.
  • Assists the President and supervises the CNUE's work.
  • When the urgency of the topical Community issues so requires, it gives guidance to the CNUE.

Working Groups

  • Normally include one expert from each member notariat.
  • They study in detail European projects and initiatives of particular interest to the notarial profession.
  • Advise and submit position papers to the Presidents.

Permanent Office

  • In charge of the day-to-day administration of the CNUE, under the Secretary General's authority.