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In many countries, legislators have endeavoured to make business life as secure as possible by entrusting notaries with exclusive competency to draw up legal instruments incorporating and modifying companies, in addition to many legal instruments certifying their activity, such as minutes of their general meetings. Thanks to their highly efficient service and the authentication of instruments, notaries contribute to successful business projects, providing better protection from the outset for company shareholders and creditors.

The notariat is also working towards reducing the administrative burdens related to business obligations. Using ´e-government` techniques, it can act as a one-stop-shop for the benefit of businesses. To this end, the notariat`s work is fully in line with the Lisbon strategy, seeking to make the European Union the most dynamic and competitive economy in the world.

With a view to providing businesses with an environment guaranteeing transparency and legal certainty, the CNUE created a working group that follows closely EU issues related to company law. Through the working group, the CNUE holds a position vis-à-vis the European institutions as a partner of choice for business.

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