EU Topic - Consumer Law

Protecting the consumer

Today's European consumers face many obstacles when they envisage making a cross-border purchase: linguistic and cultural differences, a lack of access to justice, etc. Furthermore, the rapid development of technology and digital services has led to the appearance of new forms of trade and new means of transactions between consumers and businesses.

Although the CNUE encourages political initiatives to help consumers benefit fully from the possibilities offered by the Internal Market, it stresses that these changes raise new challenges and tricky questions concerning consumers' rights.

The CNUE also defends a clear position concerning consumer protection vis-à-vis the European institutions. It encourages the definition of minimum protection rules, respecting national frameworks. The CNUE is particularly concerned that legislation that is implemented should not merely reflect a desire to open up to national markets, often to the detriment of citizens. For the CNUE, an effective consumer policy should guarantee market equity and transparency, which are guarantors of certainty for consumers, therefore gaining their trust.

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