EU Topic - Contract Law

Improving contract law

For several years, the European Union has held discussions on the creation of a community framework for contract law, particularly to respond to the difficulties faced by legal practitioners in their everyday practice.

The technical nature of legal rules in Europe and the increasing diversity of ways in which assets and services circulate force us to consider the need to simplify EU legislation and make it more coherent. The contract is the central instrument in civil and commercial relations and as such is the centre of attention.

In 2003 the European Commission launched an action plan for a 'more coherent European contract law', so that a 'common frame of reference' could be created, constituting a collection of common definitions, standard rules and general principles in areas relating to contracts.

The CNUE follows the work with interest and makes contributions when necessary. It calls in particular for this frame of reference to present a choice of legal options provided for in national laws. The CNUE is convinced that the European judicial area should not call into question the individual Member States' legal and judicial traditions. 

Position Papers