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Programme highlights

  1. Clearer patrimonial regimes for international couples

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    1. Proposals for Regulations on jurisdiction, applicable law and the recognition and enforcement of decisions in matters of matrimonial property regimes and regarding the property consequences of registe


    2. Panel discussion: Session 1 – The applicable law of registered partnerships


    3. Panel discussion: Session 2 – The competent court


    4. Panel discussion: Session 3 – Recognition and enforcement in cross-border cases


    5. Information session – More information and services for European citizens


Speaker highlights

  1. Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission

    Viviane Reding
  2. Alexandra Thein, Member of the European Parliament

    Alexandra Thein
  3. Mr Rudolf Kaindl, CNUE President

    Mr Rudolf Kaindl
  4. Paul Lagarde, Professor at the University of Paris I

    Paul Lagarde