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Conference on clearer patrimonial regimes for international couples

Every day notaries observe that more and more citizens live, study, marry, divorce and die in a Member State that is not their own.

These changes are not without legal complications and they expose international couples and third parties to uncertainties about their property relationships. In order to bring more legal clarity, the Commission has published two proposals for regulations: one implementing the rules for married couples, the other for registered partnerships.

According to European Commission figures, about 16 million international couples will be affected by this initiative.

These two proposals will be the focus of discussions during a conference organised jointly by the CNUE and the European Commission in Brussels on 17 October 2011. Politicians, academics and legal practitioners will discuss questions such as: Which law applies? Who will be able to make a choice? Where are the boundaries of the ordre public? In cases of disputes – who is the competent authority? What are the differences between marriage and registered partnerships? How will citizens be informed of their rights?

Dr. Rudolf Kaindl , CNUE President

Dr. Rudolf Kaindl

Dr. Rudolf Kaindl , CNUE President

Interpretation will be available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Spanish.


  1. Clearer patrimonial regimes for international couples

    - -

    1. Registration and coffee


    2. Opening


    3. Keynote speeches


    4. Proposals for Regulations on jurisdiction, applicable law and the recognition and enforcement of decisions in matters of matrimonial property regimes and regarding the property consequences of registe


    5. Coffee break


    6. Panel discussion: Session 1 – The applicable law of registered partnerships


    7. Lunch


    8. Panel discussion: Session 2 – The competent court


    9. Panel discussion: Session 3 – Recognition and enforcement in cross-border cases


    10. Information session – More information and services for European citizens


    11. Closing speech


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  • Conference room

    The conference will take place at the Charlemagne Building

    1. Charlemagne building

      image name

      Charlemagne building , Alcide de Gasperi Room , 170 Rue de la Loi (Wetstraat) , 1000 Brussels , Belgium