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European Notarial Network

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Joining the ENN means being able to rely on the help of a network of interlocutors covering the 22 EU countries with a civil law notariat. Your national interlocutor is on hand to give you practical information on your cross-border cases. Exchanges take place entirely electronically via the secure online ENN platform.

Thanks to thematic forums, notaries using the platform can communicate and hold discussions online. Notaries may thus set up their own European professional network.

The ENN provides bilingual forms to facilitate information exchange with your European colleagues in all areas covering notarial practice: succession law, family law, company law, etc.

The ENN online platform offers numerous legal databases. Are you looking for information on the documents required by a notary from a foreign country when a citizen is faced with an international succession? Do you want to know what documents are required for a foreign business setting up or creating a branch in a Member State? You will find the answers on the ENN platform.

How do I register?

It is very easy to register on the European Notarial Network. You just need to go to the ENN homepage: Choose “New Account” in the menu and fill in the registration form.
Please enter your contact details as indicated in the European Directory of Notaries (

Only notaries practising in one of the 22 member countries of the Council of the Notariats of the European Union can access the platform. A confirmation email will be sent with your username and password. Each time you log in to the platform, a security PIN will be generated and sent to your email address to ensure secure access.

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