ENN European Notarial Network

Helping notaries to resolve cross-border cases.

ENN European Notarial Network

Helping notaries facing cross-border questions

The European Notarial Network (ENN) is a tool intended for notaries confronted with practical questions with a cross-border element. The network covers the 22 EU Member States that have a notariat. A contact point is available to help the notaries in these 22 countries.

Are you a notary?

Do you find yourself having to deal with cross-border cases? A succession, the creation of a business or a marriage contract containing a cross-border element in the European Union? Would you like information on the application and transposition of EU legislation in your country? Your ENN interlocutor is there to inform you.

In order to get in touch with your ENN interlocutor, please contact your national chamber: http://www.notaries-of-europe.eu//index.php?pageID=204 

Are you an interlocutor?

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