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Nationality condition abandoned, but specificities of notarial function unchanged


The Notaries of Europe have learned of the judgements passed by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg today concerning the withdrawal of the nationality condition that is necessary to enter the profession of notary. The Notaries of Europe welcome the fact that the Court has recognised the specificities of the notarial function as an imperative requirement in the general interest. Thus, in view of the notaries’ essential mission conferring the authenticity of the legal documents and contracts they draw up for European citizens, following a legality check, the Member States keep their power to determine the conditions of practice of the notary profession.

For the Notaries of Europe, the abolition of the nationality condition will in no way modify the quality of services provided for European families and businesses. Furthermore, the Notaries of Europe consider that the possibility to welcome non-nationals alongside them is enriching, in the knowledge that they will be subject to the same checks and rules for practice fixed by the Member States.

Mr Rudolf Kaindl, the President of the Council of the Notariats of the European Union, made the following declaration concerning the Court of Justice’s ruling: “The abolition of the nationality condition will not prevent us from continuing to provide a local public legal service, at the service of citizens and businesses. In this perspective, the Notaries of Europe welcome the Court of Justice’s recognition of the specific status linked to the notarial profession.

The CNUE in brief:

The Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE) is an official body representing the notarial profession in dealings with European institutions. Speaking for the profession, it expresses the joint decisions of its members to the institutions of the European Union.

The CNUE includes 21 notarial organisations in the European Union. The European notariats are represented in the CNUE by the presidents of the national notariats. The CNUE operates under the authority of a President, the CNUE’s spokesperson, who has tenure for one year.

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