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Contribution from the CNUE to the GREEN PAPER: Less bureaucracy for citizens:promoting free movement of public documents and recognition of the effects of civil status records


Throughout their lives, European citizens are required from time to time to provide proof of their civil status, or rather of a specific civil status, in order to benefit from certain rights and honour certain obligations. The situation becomes more complicated when the civil status or certain circumstances necessary to obtain a particular civil status have to be certified outside the country in which the citizen has lived habitually. These practical complications generate difficulties for European citizens, feelings of impatience, powerlessness and, in legal relations, real uncertainty that can only be resolved with time and money, elements not everyone has or wishes to have at their disposal.

The European institutions have made considerable efforts to avoid or minimise these complications and, to this end, one of the directions taken is the proposal to adopt legal texts correcting them. The CNUE wishes to make its contribution and collaborate by suggesting some possible lines to follow in the legislation being drawn up and whose extreme utility it naturally recognises.