CNUE Training Programme 2013-2014

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The CNUE has received financing from the European Commission for a large-scale training programme for EU notaries. The project will consist of 14 seminars in 10 Member States, which will be attended by a total of around 2,000 notaries. The project kicked off in Brussels on Thursday 10 January with the first meeting of the steering committee that will supervise all of the activities. The first seminar will be held in France in April.

As for the content of the seminars, the topics covered will be: succession law with the implementation of the EU regulation; family law, with a particular focus on matrimonial property regimes; and the European Enforcement Order. Comparative law will play a significant role. The seminars will primarily aim to highlight and provide solutions to cross-border procedural difficulties in these areas.

In addition to the seminars, there will be a large conference in Luxembourg on 25 October 2013, on the occasion of the European Day of Civil Justice. This will include activities for the general public on the theme of "Cross-border access to the law".

This programme will help the European Commission meet its goal of offering at least half of the legal professionals in the EU the opportunity to receive training in EU law at local, national or European level by 2020. The Commission has also set itself the target of having all legal professionals receive at least one week of training in EU law at some point in their careers.

More information will be available soon on the Notaries of Europe website.