Training Seminar, 22/04/13 - Paris

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<b>Training Seminar, 22/04/13 - Paris</b>

Seminar on International Successions


  1. Mr Edmond Jacoby, Member of the Conseil du notariat, Notary in Forbach, France

  2. Mr Juan Gómez-Riesco Tabernero de Paz, Notary in Aoiz, Spain

  3. Mr José-Maria Gómez-Riesco Tabernero de Paz, Notary in Azkoitia, Spain

  4. Dr Susanne Frank, Notary in Munich, Germany

  5. Dr Christoph Döbereiner, Notary in Munich,Germany


  1. Dr Mariel Revillard, Doctor of Law specialising in PIL


  1. Welcome of participants


  2. Seminar


  3. Buffet lunch on site


  4. Seminar



I. French, Spanish and German private international law

Law applicable to the succession, area of the applicable law, case studies.

II. European Regulation of 4 July 2012

Scope, law applicable to the succession (singularity and choice of law) , circulation of decisions and authentic instruments, European Certificate of Succession, case studies.


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