Training Seminar, 03/06/13 - Milan

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<b>Training Seminar, 03/06/13 - Milan</b>

EU Regulation N° 650/2012: a new perspective on international successions in Europe


  1. Mr Domenico Damascelli, Civil law notary in Bologna; associate professor of International Law at the University of Salento

  2. Ms María Inmaculada Espiñeira Soto, Civil law notary in Santiago de Compostela; professor of the Master of Law of Foreigners of the University of Granada

  3. Mr Davor Babic, Professor, Dr in Private International Law at the Law Faculty, University of Zagreb

  4. Ms Mojca Tavcar Pasar, Civil law notary in Portorose

  5. Mr Bruno Barel, Lawyer in Treviso and professor of EU Law and Private International Law at the University of Padua

  6. Mr François Tremosa, Civil law notary in Toulouse and Chair of the CNUE working group on successions

  7. Ms Ioana Olaru, Civil law notary and professor of EU law and Private International Law at the Romanian Notarial Institute in Bucharest

Introductory speech

  1. Mr Paolo Pasqualis, Civil law notary in Portogruaro

Welcome address

  1. Mr Rudolf Kaindl, President of the CNUE


  1. Mr Giovanni Liotta, civil law notary in Spadafora and Coordinator of the ENN Training Sector


  1. Participants' registration


  2. First session


  3. Buffet lunch


  4. Second session



Art. 20/21 - Universal application and general rule

Art. 22 - Choice of law

Art. 23 - The scope of the applicable law

Art. 24, 26, 27 - Dispositions of property upon death

Art. 25 - Agreement as to succession

Art. 59/60 - Acceptance of authentic instruments

Art. 62 and following - The European Certificate of Succession


Simultaneous interpretation will be made in English, Italian, French and Spanish.




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