Training Seminar, 19-20/09/13 - Bucharest

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<b>Training Seminar, 19-20/09/13 - Bucharest</b>

Seminar on International Successions and Family Law

Opening, moderation and coordination

  1. Mr Ion Marin, Civil law notary, first vice-president of the National Union of Notaries of Romania

  2. Mr Bogdan Ciucă, Civil law notary, President of the Chamber of Notaries of Galati, Romania

  3. Ms Ioana Olaru, Civil law notary and lecturer in EU law and Private International Law at the Romanian Notarial Institute in Bucharest

  4. Mr Mircea Bob, Professor of Law at the “Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj, Romania


  1. Ms Mariel Revillard, Doctor of Law specialised in training in Private International Law for notaries

  2. Mr Domenico Damascelli, Civil law notary in Bologna; associate professor of International Law at the University of Salento, Italy

  3. Ms Clarisse Martin, Secretary General of the Council of the Notariats of the European Union

  4. Mr Tibor Szöcs, Doctor of Law, expert in Private International Law of the  Hungarian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries

  5. Mr Juan Gómez-Riesco Tabernero de Paz, Civil Law notary in Aoiz, Spain. Graduate in European Law (College of Europe – Bruges)

  6. Ms Virginia Beldea, Civil law notary in Bucharest, Romania

  7. Mr José-Maria Gómez-Riesco Tabernero de Paz, Civil law notary in Briviesca, Spain. Graduate in European Law (College of Europe – Bruges)

  8. Dr. Markus Buschbaum, LL.M. (Köln/Paris), Candidate notary, Director of the Bundesnotarkammer in Brussels

  9. Elena Tsertsigianni, Civil law notary in Athens, member of the working group appointed by the MoJ for the implementation of Reg EU 650/2012

Timetable - 1st day

  1. Registration & welcome


  2. Morning session


  3. Lunch


  4. Afternoon session



The first day of the seminar in Bucharest intends to provide an insight into the theoretical and practical interest for notaries of the most relevant EU regulations in the field of family law (Regulation No. 1259/2010 “Rome III on the applicable law in matters of divorce”, Regulation 2201/2003 “Brussels II a” on  matrimonial matters and parental responsibility).

Likewise, the speakers will provide a perspective on the currently debated legislative proposals in the field of matrimonial property regimes. 

Timetable - 2nd day

  1. Morning session


  2. Lunch


  3. Afternoon Session



On the second day, the seminar in Bucharest intends to provide notaries from Romania and neighbouring countries with a package of theoretical and practical tools necessary immediately and in the long run in order to deal with the important changes brought by EU Regulation No 650/2012 in the field of the international law on successions.

The speakers will discuss the new piece of EU legislation with the participants from a legal practitioner oriented perspective and will answer sensitive questions related to: the competence to deal with succession cases in light of the regulation, the applicable law (choice, scope, content), the recognition / movement and enforcement of decisions / authentic documents as well as the European Certificate of Succession.


Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English, French and Romanian as well as in two other languages of the participating notariats, depending on the number and needs of national participants.


  • Invitation - English

  • Presentation - Domenico Damascelli - French

  • Presentation - Markus Buschbaum - French

  • Presentation - Elena Tsertsigianni  - English

  • Presentation - Tibor Szöcs - English

  • Presentation - Petko Kantchevski - English


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This event is limited to 250 attendees

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Auditorium Pallady Conference Center, Bd Theodor Pallady 40 G, Sectorul 3 Bucharest, Romania