Training Seminar, 13/06/14 - Düsseldorf

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<b>Training Seminar, 13/06/14 - Düsseldorf</b>

Seminar on International Successions


  1. Dr Norbert Frenz, Notary in Kempen


  1. Mr Kurt Lechner, Former Member of the European Parliament

  2. Dr Jan-Ger Knot, University of Groningen

  3. Dr Christoph Döbereiner, Notary in Munich

  4. Ms Jutta Wolf, Candidate-Notary in Zoetermeer

  5. Mr Christian Hertel,Notary in Weilheim

  6. Ms Sabine Heijning, KNB

  7. Dr Christoph Dorsel, Notary in Bonn

  8. Prof. Tea Mellema-Kranenburg, University of Leiden and Notary in Rotterdam


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The European Regulation on successions, adopted on 4 July 2012, will bring important changes in the field of international succession law. The text was ratified on 16 August 2012 and will come into force on 17 August 2015.

I. The development of the successions regulation– a political and legal introduction

II. Introduction to the successions regulation

III. Wills and inheritance contracts

IV. Regulation on successions and matrimonial property regimes

V. European Certificate of Succession and liquidation of the succession


Simultaneous interpretation will be made in Dutch and English


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